Isle of Man is the way to operate this service, and this company is registered under the rules and terms of United Kingdom. In the year 1999, Neteller was first started and from the year 2004, this is a listed company of London Stock Exchange. In the November of the year 2008 this company changed its name with Neovia Financial PLC, and this is because of changing its way to come out from the services of past. In the 2007, it got the highest shock from the United States. In that year, 2 directors of this company were arrested by the Justice department of United States for illegal gambling by using their services.

After that incident, Neteller stopped all its services in the United States until they got the certification from that country to do business safely in that country. Since then, Neteller does not face any problem with the Justice department of any country and they have a really high growth of their business for the last few years. Now, this is a leading financial company to pay most types of online transactions and the use of this service is increasing in every minute. You do not believe but for the last two years, the users of this service become 20 times higher than last 2 years.

Services of This Company

This company offers different types of financial services but 3 services are the most common services of the company. You can use the Neteller debit card, Neteller ewallet system and Netbankx gateway services. This company also has the share of Poli bank payment system so you can use that service too. You can process your online credit cards and also the debit cards with the service named the Netbankx and this service can be gotten by the use of automated phone channel or direct phone call. This was the service that started in the year 1996 and it was merged with the Neteller in the year 1999 when Neteller started first.

Ewallet is the best service of the financial company. This is the service that makes the company popular all over the world. People use this service to do different transactions and payments but the main sector where this offer used broadly is the gambling. Using bank account and credit cards to pay in online casinos is problematic and boring but using this service is something that will make the whole process easy and interesting. You can upload fund on your ewallet account of this company via your bnak account or credit cards then you can pay for online gambling within a second.

You can use the cards of this company and this is a great service. These cards are same as credit or debit cards and they offer the exciting rates and services of these cards for its users. You can do everything with these cards that you could do with your previous credit cards.