Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

"Brisman thoroughly explains odds, probabilities, and the casino's inherent advantage and...Teaches you to gamble like an educated consumer. Following his advice will make you feel like a winner."-Games.

"An all-time favorite...explains the game-specific strategies you need for the best possible chance of winning."-Detroit Free Press.

How to Win in a Casino

The writer really knows what he talked about. "I have played casino games for the last few years and this book even helps me for some cases." If you want to build your career on casino gambling then this is a book what you have to read to know and learn everything you will need in a casino.

Different Winning Ways

American Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling is great book. By reading this book, I understand the ways of a casino and how they really work with. This is a book of real opportunity and you will need this book if you have less experience. If you an experienced player then you also need this book because this book also mention the ways to win for experienced players. If you ask me then I will recommend all players to have a look of this book because this is the book where you will get everything you need about gambling.