Casino Security Systems

Land Based Casino Security

Taking into consideration the fact that there are large sums of currency in every land casino, it is no wonder that a lot of cases of casino crimes or attempts of beating the casino with the help of unfair methods which are taking place in the history of casino. For that very reason different levels of casino security were created. The most basic of them consists of cameras which are located over the whole territory of casino building; they are operated by trained professionals which are attempt to locate stealing and cheating by both employees and players.

There are two basic types of modern casino security:

  • Physical security force - casino security guards patrol the casino floor.
  • Specialized surveillance department - workers of this department are operating a security system called closed circuit television in order to reveal any misconduct of both employees and players.

These casino departments work with each other for safety insurance.

Also there are catwalks which are situated in the ceiling allowing surveillance personnel to observe all the tables and slot machines through the glass.

Online Casino Security

The same as real casinos their online counterparts also provide different security methods to prevent unauthorized entry into their system. Their server contains the information about players' credit cards numbers as well as their bank account numbers.

Online casinos use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system which garbles all information sent from or to the online casino with a code. It helps to protect all their system from hackers. All modern casinos use the latest encryption if SSL - 256 bit.

The software the casino is powered by is also programed by a security program. Players operate their account using a personal password and login. And then an online casino provides a pin number which is quoted each time when withdraws are asking. Online casinos operators automatically log out those players which exited from the casino.