Bank Draft

This is the paper check that can be used as the payment from different banking sector in the North American residence. This is a common process to pay due amount by the customers and people from this region often use this service.

  1. Will You Get Payment Via the Check, Bank-Draft, Money Order or COD?

    We do not use these services in this current time and we only accept the payment via PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We used other options in the past but we faced so many problems with those methods that we do not want to use those options in a few years. If you want to use our services, then you have to pay with the stated options.

  2. If I want to send a personal check or bank draft then what type of fees I have to pay?

    When you send us payment via check or bank draft then we will pay the shipping cost back to you and that amount will be added to your casino account when we get your payment.

  3. What is the mean of check draft?

    This is similar with the bank check and you have to send the fax copy of the check draft to us before completing the transaction.

  4. If I want to pay using monthly bank draft, will it be possible for you?

    You can easily pay for every month by using bank draft. You will get necessary form from our payment sections and that is a really easy way to pay us and if you use this service then you will get some extra features from us.

  5. If I send the personal check or bank draft, what type of information I have to send to you?

    You have to attach your account id and number and also your personal information with these documents. You also have to write your user id of this casino with your check.

  6. If I desire to stop the auto banking draft then what will happen next?

    You can contact us before, you take further action to stop this service and we will happily help you to stop this service at the moment you ask us to do so.

  7. What is the process to be eligible for the auto bank draft service?

    You can call us to the number for this service and we shall get essential information from you by the phone and you can also complete the process by using your utility bills copy to us.

  8. Can I pay via the bank draft?

    This service is eligible for our customers and you can pay all the tax by using the bank draft services.

  9. If I do not have credit card, then how can I create account and pay?

    You can create an account by the website or phone and then you have to pay the amount via any eligible money sending option to our address and account number and within a few days you will get an active account on our online casino.