Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling

Nestor is the author and also the television producer who has made many effective documentaries about casinos and casino players on the casino gambling on the Midwest and Atlantic City. The series of the documentary is known as the UNOFFICIAL GUIDE and in this documentary he tried to give the readers about the basic knowledge, information about this sector and the people who lived on this sector.

Nestor has huge experience in this sector so he knew what people want to learn and he tried to provide information about the common mistakes, winning strategies and probabilities of most of the casino games. In this book there are sub-sections like the machine games (Video Poker and Slots), the table games (craps, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack) and the waiting games (Sports betting and Keno).

This documentary also holds some money management sections where you can get knowledge about different money management theories. You can learn the process to get credits and you will also experience the enjoying casino games. This documentary contains the checklists, charts and other unique ideas like the WATCH OUT and BRIGHT IDEAS and several money saving tips.

This is a guide that will indicate the road of gambling for every people and if you have basic knowledge about gambling then you will get some entertaining materials form this what you can apply on your daily life on gambling and these materials are really helpful for the daily gambling life. This documentary will show you how to play casino games and how to get better odds to win in a casino.

Product Description

You can think all casino games are easy but you must know that every year over billions is the income of these casinos and over millions people lose this money in the casinos. You can ask why then the answer is most of the people who play casino games have lack information. They loss more for having less knowledge about the game than having no luck. In this book, you will get information about gambling from all over the world not only Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

What is inside?

  1. Here the writer tries to explain all type of popular casino games like the craps, poker, baccarat, slots, roulette, blackjack etc.
  2. The writer analyzes the odds and he also showed that if you play with certain technique then you will win a lot than usual.
  3. You will also learn about terms and rules of different casinos and also the manners what every player must have.
  4. Strategies, those will help you to win a lot than you can usually win form a casino game.