Web Privacy Policy

Your privacy and protecting the information you shared is one of the utmost concern of this gambling company. Since we are committed to providing the security and protection of our customers' identity, we adhere to the strict implementation of our privacy policy.

As it is our standard operating procedure to collect relevant information from our customers and visitors to our sites. This is purposely done to ensure providing them only with the best services that we can possibly give using all or some of the information we gather from them. No need for you or anyone to worry about sharing your personal information to us since we treat them with utmost care and confidentially confirming with the highest standard in the industry.

Information we collect

The moment you visit and use our services for online gambling it is nearly automatic for us to get relevant personal information from you. This is especially done to verify if you qualify for the stipulated gambling age. Such information is also taken whenever you shall deal with our customer service for whatever purpose it shall serve you best.

Purpose for collecting such information:

  • Provide you with utmost quality service pertinent with our online games
  • Address to all forms of queries
  • Enhance customer services
  • Inform you with the latest offer and promotion of our website

Securing your information

Since it is our company's commitment of providing the most effective security measures in protecting your privacy, we used some of the latest tools in modern technology relevant to it. One of these is the highly efficient encryption system which is also being utilized by some of the major financial institutions for securing relevant information of their clients. This is one system that provides utmost security for all the information gathered from our visitors and customers. With this system our data base is less prone to unauthorized access thereby protecting all the data we deemed and kept with utmost confidentiality.

Just like any other websites with affiliate sites, we may also share your information to our affiliate links only with your consent and for purposes of providing you with utmost quality service. However, you have all the freedom to opt not to allow us this system of information sharing should you think it will not do any good for you.

Strict adherence to Knowing our Player Policy

We strictly abide by this particular policy to ensure not violating the law for allowing only players of gambling age to use our site. Hence, this is why it is really important for us to secure demographic information like name and age whenever a visitor or player registers to our site. This is one way for us to ensure knowing our players and making sure only those legally eligible gamblers are allowed to use our online gambling system.

Regularly update your personal information

Since our policy on privacy may change anytime, our customers are also advised to update their account with us to protect their privacy. It is one sure way for them not to become prey of any fraudulent individuals online.