Online Casino Banking

Most online gambling sites are convenient and secure. And there is a great number online casino payment services.

The most common method of online payment is a credit card. But online gamblers are now facing with the problem of funding their online casino accounts by Visa and MasterCard because according to the new legislation it is illegal to accept credit transactions from activities which connected with gambling.

That is why there are several methods of online payment which are more prolific:

  • Ewallets

    This option allows a player to transfer his/ her money from the bank account or a credit card to the casino money account. Ewallet payment services are fast, secure and reliable. Casino Neteller is considered one of the best online gambling payment services.

  • Bank Drafts

    This option allows online casino players to send their funds to the casino account using traditional post. After verification of one's deposit, casino balance accepts certain amount of money.

  • Wire Transfers

    With Wire Transfers online casino players can send money to the gambling sites from their saving accounts electronically. You can be sure that using this system, all your bank details are not available for the casino.

  • Pay

    This payment method allows a player to deposit $75 - $150 by connecting casino account with the phone bill. This service is for players which have no credit cards or bank accounts or for players which simply don't want to use their cards and accounts for online payments. For transferring the money one should just call his/ her phone company and get all necessary information. The only disadvantage of using 900 Pay is that it is available only in Canada and the U.S.

All above mentioned methods of online casino payments are secure and reliable and using palyers can be sure that all funds will be transferred immediately.