The Best Casino Books to Read

Princes of Darkness: The World of High Stakes Blackjack

By Carl Sampson

This was one of the most popular books of blackjack and in this modern world this book has the same attraction. This is an interesting book, where the writer told about different strategies about blackjack respecting the rules of the game. The writer and his team have the experience to win over millions in casinos by playing blackjack.

He started his career as croupier but he could not get any promotion for a certain time and then he decided to beat the casino with the same game. In this book, he described how he made a strategy then built a team and then found a rich sponsor. After doing these entire how he beat the casino is described in the book. If you want to make a career in blackjack then you must read it.

American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down

By Richard Marcus

Roulette is the game, where you can't use any strategy to increase your winning odds but here Marcus has told how you can win more in roulette while you are playing the American roulette. In this book, he described about the problems those every player usually faces in playing the game and how to overcome those problems.

You can also learn about the most effective betting system for American roulette for different amount of bank roll. In this book, you will learn how the writer and his team solved those problems and won a lot and you will also learn how to beat the casino and their experience after being caught in a casino for several times.

The Great Casino Heist

By Richard Marcus

the writer is one of the most popular cheaters of the casino world and he played casino games in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, London and he cheated every time and for sometimes he also caught by the authority. He had a team and all were tacticians and every time they made a mistake, they always had some causes to make believed the pit bosses that they are innocent. In this book he told the people about his life and the also the gambling life and after this book casinos are known how much they have been cheated by this player.

Professional Blackjack

By Stanford Wong

Card counting is the most effective strategy of blackjack but in this book Wong tried to help people by telling the basic blackjack strategy to keep your hand strong and then he told to use the card counting. You will get information about all type of betting systems of blackjack so you do not need to buy another book for betting systems and the High-Low card counting theory of this book is really effective in all type of blackjack of casinos.